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The following images are for sample purposes only. Impetuosity Productions works are only available for sale in Artist Alleys at select anime conventions. Please do not print or repost these images without permission. For artist contact information, please see the profile page.

Thank you! And please enjoy this sampler of our studio's original art and fan art! (View a slideshow version here, or click on thumbnails to see full size art.)

Greek Gods Series )
Sumeria's Commissions )
Calligraphy and Watercolor by psiten )
Art Nouveau Series )
Macross Idols Series )
Chibi Tarot )
Assorted Prints )
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Hey, everyone! We're proud to announce that we'll be showing our works at AUSA 2016! We're at Table 1008 this year, right across from the Artist Alley info table. Come take a look! In the meantime, check out some of the new artwork we'll have available for sale at the convention:

Featured New Art From Sumeria

See her full gallery on DeviantArt

Featured New Art from Psiten

See their full gallery on DeviantArt

And we're proud to announce...

... that the Naruto Chibi Tarot cards finally have a complete Major Arcana set, and we will have a limited number of printed decks available for sale! Keep your eye out for a complete set including the Minor Arcana in the future!

Take a look! )

As always, we're available to take commissions for personalized work during the convention. We love to talk to people, too, so please come say hello!


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